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Homeboy was founded in 1988 near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It is among the world’s oldest streetwear brands. During the founding years streetwear was still original rooted in skatewear, where Homeboy started. But shortly after originating in skate Homeboy bridged the gap and incorporated music in its designs. 1988 was hip hop’s greatest year with groups such as Public Enemy, Run-DMC, N.W.A. and artists like ICE-T. Tony Hawks was just 20 years old during that time. 1989 Homeboy sponsored its first artist: Moses Pelham. The “Fantastischen Vier” joined the sponsored artist list in 1991, one year before their single “Die Da” rocketed to the top of the German charts. As you see Homeboy has been part of the scene from the early beginnings and this will not change. This year the brand will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Anthony Dwayne Negrini
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